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Tactical Helmet (Bulletproof)

Mickey tactical helmet is a multifunctional tactical bullet-proof helmet made of aramid material. It fuses the base of the head night vision device to the helmet, and can also be directly installed with cameras/headlights and other equipment. Its bulletproof performance is stable, and it can effectively prevent the penetration of pistol 7.62mm lead bullet and UZI 9mm assault rifle 9mm Barabelum bullet. The product has passed the NIJ IIIA .357 &.44 caliber bullet test of White Laboratory in the United States, and the V50 test result is above 650 m/s. Environmental adaptability, the product in the ambient temperature -45 degrees to 50 degrees, in line with the requirements of bulletproof performance; placed in 20 degrees plus or minus 2 degrees of water for 24 hours after taking out to dry, in line with the requirements of bulletproof performance.

Bulletproof board

bulletproof board is a fiber and ceramic composite bulletproof board, the facing surface is made of ceramic material, and the back is formed by heat-bonding of polymer material and thermosetting resin. Can be customized according to different needs of customers different grades, specifications and materials.

bulletproof vest

This product is made of high-end Kevlar/Twaron/aramid fiber; it has good high strength, high modulus, high dimensional stability, excellent thermal protection, cut resistance and chemical resistance; no melting point, non-flammable, non-conductive; the product is flat, dense, consistent and stable.

bulletproof shield

Handheld bulletproof shield has excellent performance, stab-proof, impact-proof, flame-retardant, light weight, strong environmental adaptability, easy to carry, flexible to use, large protection area, etc., can effectively protect knives, sticks, bricks, stones, Bow, crossbow and other objects of attack, can prevent 7.62mm lead bullets fired by pistols and light submachine guns. Can be single, double use, can also be composed of many people to use the protective wall.

Explosion-proof clothing

The explosion-proof clothing uses high-grade raw materials, has stable and reliable quality, excellent bulletproof performance, large insurance coefficient, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, water immersion resistance, good stability and flame retardancy, more than 30% higher blunt injury resistance than ordinary aramid fabric, excellent performance in blocking high-speed bullets such as semi-automatic pistols, submachine guns and light machine guns, and many excellent characteristics in reducing threats such as multiple impacts, angled shooting and blunt injuries.